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Hello, my name is Griffiel. I am a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Digital Illustrator
and Anime Figure Prototype Maker. Glad you could stop by my portfolio website.

This website contains samples of some of my artwork including digital illustration, freehand drawings,
comics, sketches, logo sets, website interface design works and publications.

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I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Thanks.
News & Updates

[Apr-24-2011] - "Mermaid in the Mist" (NPC illustration collection for DK4pk MOD)
[Jun-23-2009] - "Sailor Neptune" 80% completed, "Sailor Adonis" thumb uploaded
[Jun-01-2009] - Ongoing artwork thumbs uploaded: "Sailor Neptune", "Sailor Mercury" and "dragon girl"
[May-27-2009] - Sailor Moon Fanart "Sailor X Quick Sketch "
[Feb-23-2009] - Illustration "Dream of Sea Princess"

"Mermaid in the Mist" (NPC illustration collection for DK4pk MOD)

Project: Illustration Commission for Comic Illustration Yearbook 2009, Nov 2009
Client: MeiZhan Comic Association

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Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter
"Thunder Dancer", Comic Illustration Yearbook 2009

Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars
"Flame Witch", Comic Illustration Yearbook 2009

May 27, 2009
Sailor Moon Doujinshi: Sailor X (Quick Sketch)

Sailor X
Sailor X

Feb 23, 2009
Illustration: Dream of Sea Princess

Dream of Sea Princess

Dream Of Sea Princess
In this personal piece I try to review my dreamland scene and catch the beauty of the moment when the sea
princess is floating into the heaven... Hope you like it.